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I am bored. So shoot me.
slasher_forever wrote in renaissance_era
 A Generation of Inheritance
Author: slasher_forever 
Category: [Twisted Fantasy]; General
Rating: G? ohohohoho~
Pairings: NADA. Unless you want to ship? :3
Disclaimer: TF=property of fgy
Prompt: BARS (thanks to sacla )
Warnings: for the randomness, I am sorry. for the crappy title, I apologize again. xD
Summary: They say that "talent" skips a generation when it's inherited. But what about skill?

“C’mon and get up here!” A six year old girl with short, purple hair screamed at her companion from her vantage point. Which was on top of a seven-foot tall jungle gym.

“Hey!” her male companion yelled back. “how’d you get so high up there, huh?” He was a lean boy of the same age, with brown hair and eyes of the same shade. He started to whimper a little as he looked up at the towering structure in front of him.

The girl looked smug “Well, I obviously used the ladder at the far corner, ran up the platforms then crossed over to this area…” she jumped up and down to catch the boy’s attention “…using those monkey bars” she continued, pointing at the metal bars near her. “Come on here. Everything’s so small when you’re up here!” she exclaimed excitedly

“Fine fine. Don’t rush me, Ms. Flexible. I’m not the one who inherited the genes of her acrobatic mother…” the boy muttered, making his way up the ladder.

“Yes fine…” she flipped her hair “but I didn’t inherit your father’s muttering nature…” she stuck her tongue out as he walked on the rubberized platforms across.

“My dad doesn’t mutter!” he said defensively

“But mommy said so!” she giggled “especially when she’d whisper stuff in his ear. Somehow, her breath would tickle his ear…” she shaped her lips like an “O” and blew a bit of air “and he’d give this involuntary jerk with his—“

“AAH! Stop it!!” the boy yelled. He was standing still before the monkey bars, scratching his right ear with his shoulder. The girl stared wide-eyed at the odd behavior her playmate was displaying and had to fight off the urge to laugh.

“Was it something I said?” she commented

“No! I was…distracted…” he straightened up after a few moments, stil scratching his ear

“So…you were distracted by what I said then? Ha!” she crossed her arms “You, Mr. Sieda, have psychological issues!”

The Sieda boy stretched up and walked to the edge of the platform he was standing on. “Ahh…perhaps. Probably got that from my mom…”

There was a gasp “HEY! I’m going to tell your mom!”

“Oh come on! She knows it’s a joke! Been running around the family since her little rug-incident…”

She watched as the boy slowly tried to grab a hold of the first bar nearest him “He-hey Orion, you don’t have to come here already if you’re scared and all…I can go back there already…”

He raised an eyebrow at her “Why? Scared that I might fall?” he smirked

“N-no! I’m more scared of your father beating the crap out of me…”

While she spoke, she didn’t notice the boy make his way across the monkey bars in a well-executed fashion. Gracefully, perhaps, but with a little more strength added to it.

“Excuse me, Sky. Will you please move?”

“Huh?” she looked up and saw Orion, hanging from a red-colored bar. “W-Wait! How’d you get here so fast?” she quickly stepped back to give space for the newcomer to “land”

Orion jumped on the platform and dusted his hands, heaving a breath. “Whew…haven’t done that in a while…” he looked at the girl, still staring at him in awe. “Oh. You forgot to point out one thing. I also inherited my father’s warrior-like abilities. And besides…” he placed his arms on his waist “I’ve been training ever since I was four years old…guess I can match up with your acrobatics, huh?”
more BARS ideas coming up!  

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awwwwwwwwwwwwww bbs!kids are an item! hihihihihi

I was actually thinking "Bar" as in the one with drinks but hey this little cutesie works too hahahaha awwww I want a pic of this kids (and WOW they will fulfill my other ultimate fantasy of AstralXAera so YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYY

(and wow you're fast! hahaha)

perhaps I was trying to patronize your "other" otp, since you're the one who prompted/requested for this one.

I actually thought of a lot of things to write for "bar", but I didn't have the proper character to play the role yet. no worries, the "bar" fic that you were thinking of will come. soon (I hope!)

oh yes I'm fast (as usual? ahihihi~) anyway, I guess this is the effect of feeling bored and creative at the same time \o/

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