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The TF "10 Differences" Challenge
Rise - sexy
psychedelic_aya wrote in renaissance_era
Hey to the lovely lurkers of renaissance_era! You thought this day would never come, eh? But fear not! As usual, the annual summer contest will begin! (I know we skipped some years but better late than never, right?)

And we’ve got higher prizes at stake this time! It’s TF’s 10th anniversary, after all!

1st place: Fully Booked Gift Certificate worth 500 PHP
2nd place: LiveJournal Paid Account 2 months + 100 icons
3rd place: LiveJournal Paid Account 2 months
* These awards are convertible to anything else that are of the same price. However, converting it to cash is not an option.

Since this 10th anniversary only comes once in a year, we also have these special awards!

People’s Choice: A special gift box!
Early Bird: A special gift box!

1. This TF contest will be slightly different than the others. There will be no themes. Instead, your prompts are the characters themselves. You choose one character to be the protagonist/subject of your fanwork. You may make a fic, a fanart, a song... anything your creativity tells you to do. The only restriction is:

You must set your fanwork in an alternate universe, and you must portray that one character in a way she/he has never been portrayed as before.

That does mean you need to go out of character. In fact, staying in-character would be a plus. For example: a first POV Luna as a giddy teenage girl with raging hormones but hiding it under a serene facade; an Eldel serious about saving his family and not just himself; a broken-hearted Jinia; a hurt Jyno; etc.

The point is: do something different. Well, it doesn't have to be anything too different. In fact, you may also interpret rule #1 as you wish.

2. Alternate Universe may not necessarily mean a totally different universe. It could mean: a Reoda where the attack never happened, a Clelo where the war never happened, a past where Astral did not kill Hikari, etc. Although totally different universes are fine, too.

3. You will need to accomplish 10 fanworks for 10 different Twisted Fantasy characters. Other characters you have already used may appear in works for subsequent characters, but the main protagonist/subject must be different every time.

4. If you are going to write a fic, the minimum number of words is 500. There is no maximum.

5. If you are making an artwork, it must be inked. Then please scan and post it or link it to this community under/in the guise of a neat LJ-cut. Coloring will be appreciated, but it is not required.

6. If you are making another type of fanwork besides an artwork or fic, please comment to this post and we’ll see what we can do about it.

7. Everything posted for this challenge must be new.

8. Standard formats (see userinfo of this community) apply.

9. Contest starts as soon as this post is up, and it ends on July 01, 2010.

10. The winner is the one who is able to finish 10 fanworks for 10 different characters first. The second placer is the one who finishes 10 fanworks second, and so forth. If in case no one finishes by the deadline, the one who accomplished the most fanworks is the winner, and so on and so forth.

11. Special Awards: The Early Bird Award will go to the one who finishes 5 fanworks first. The People’s Choice Award will go to the one whose fanwork gets the most votes.

12. Once there are three valid winners, or once the deadline has been reached, the contest will freeze. Then a poll will be put up for the People's Choice Award.


Does the contest sound good? I was thinking of making the prize 1000 PHP worth but then I realize I’d have to up the conditions (like require 1000 words per fic and shaded-in fanart), but I know all of us are busy so I just went with what I thought was feasible. I set the deadline really far away compared to usual so everyone won’t have to cram it.

Comments to improve the rules? Want to change the prizes? I’m up for suggestions.

But if this is fine with y’all, let the contest begin!

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4. If you are going to write a fic, the minimum number of words is 700. There is no maximum. <--- *cries* ;A;

Its negotiable to 500. Want me to change it? ;D I was thinking 700 might be too much.

yes please. ;A;

(and yay, 10th year anniversary!!!! \o/ congratulations TF!
after 10 years...
it's still not yet done...)

Changed, darling!

Ah, but it will be done! Just not... now. /fails

I was wondering why access to the full written version isn't among the prizes but other the fact that it won't be fair, I remembered that it doesn't exist ;o;

/weeps in a corner


I stopped giving myself false hope at least a year ago /emo

o-orz. I hope I can make something for this. > o <

good luck to everyone! /o/


Yeah, good luck to everyone!


(but sadly, I have no motivation to do this *slaps self*)

I shall try~ and hope I can squeeze this in or sth. I kinda find the challenge..a bit hard, so I have to think it over. /still has a hanging acad work to edit orz

but anyway, good luck to everyone! XD

"No motivation" she says, when she's already won the Early Bird Award. LOL YOU CHIMES.

But yeah do your acadstuff first. \o/

You can do it!

HOMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MOAR FICSSS HULABIRA! I wonder what the gift box would contain ahihihi /curious and curiouser

anyway are you also part of the contest pnut? Maybe another prize you can give is a new chapter of tf!!! (kamon pleasssseee???) or they get to write a chapter for tf (and can do anything to their heart's desire as long as it will stay true to the plot of the story) then fangirlying moments will have a chance to be canon! mwahahaha /really tf needy

but yaaaaaaayyy will try to get all the juice out of my system and into decent sheets of paper. Let the pouring begin!

Gogogogo everyone!!! *O*

Haha, yep! I'm also part of the contest. But this time I'm not allowed to win. (Lol so technically I'm not... really part of the contest?)

I was actually thinking that! That the winner could write an entire TF chapter. But it might be too tedious, so I thought against it.

I'm excited to see all of your works! SACLAAAA GOOOO!



crossovers are accepted y/n?

Crossovers are fine, darling! \o/

WIKI ENTRY! Aaa, my dream. /dreams

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